Monday, April 4, 2011

It's getting closer!!

Just 17 days until our due date!  I'm not expecting her to show up "on time" since the only one who decides what time IS the right time is her... and she hasn't sent me a memo.

We had another ultrasound on Thursday! It is AMAZING how big she is!!! (They estimate 6-7lbs). I mean, I know she's a baby.. but look at these pictures... This is a BABY not a little inch long alien... How AMAZING is that?? I am so excited!
  She has HAIR!

I have been driving Dan crazy with my "We need this!" "We need to do that!".  He has had to MAKE me stop doing things around the house a few times... But he has to go to work... MUAHAHAA!  So, I've sorted the baby clothes into "Now", "Laters" and "RIGHT NOWs!".  I have them all ready to go to the laundry.  I've set up the crib and I even practiced swaddling a Cabbage Patch Kid since I have NO idea how to do that!

As of right now we haven't really been searching in earnest for a new apartment.  We are too distracted with baby things.  We also figure that we can last a little while in this little one bedroom house.  At least until summer.  So, we're not panicking... yet.

Our good friend Pete is GIVING us a car as a wedding present! Can you believe it??  The title is "in the mail" and we are hoping that little Danielle holds off on her arrival long enough for us to make the trip over to Vermont to pick the car up.  I've been teasing Dan that it would make a heck of a story if I delivered in an old Volvo on the ferry between Vermont and New York... That is SO "North-Eastern Hippie".. Haha!  Maybe we'll tell her that's what happened... hahaa (But it BETTER not!!)  We will have to get a few pictures, for her baby book, of me and my big belly on the hood of the car on the ferry though!

So, I've been keeping myself busy obsessing over getting the house ready for Earth's newest resident and finishing up the "Birth Announcement" I'm making for her nursery.  It's not a traditional announcement... but I liked it so much I'm making it into one!
Lots more to do!

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