Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tomorrow is my "First" due date!

So, according to the Docs in Albany, tomorrow is my due date! According to my local doctors, my due date is Thursday. (Of course, at first my local docs thought I was due on St Patty's Day.. so, *shrug*).

As of my last appointment on Thurday I am/was 50% effaced and 1cm dilated.  I am having wimpy contractions... but nothing crazy.  The Doc said that my water could break at any time... so now I'm paranoid to go ANYWHERE.  And, much to my husbands delight, we were encouraged to have as much sex as possible.  Since I want this kid OUT, I am more than agreeable to that! LOL!

I think even the dogs know that something is up.. They have been very quiet and good... Not that I'm complaining!

The dog got his pre-baby haircut, the baby's crib has been made and re-made, her clothes, towels, diapers, butt paste, etc has been organized.  Her bottles, pacifiers and the breast pump are on the counter ready to be boiled.  The rubber sheet is on our bed in case her water-slide turns on in the middle of the night.  The hospital bag has been packed and re-packed and is by the door and ready to go.  I have two outfits packed for me and about seven for her (haha).  The car-seat is installed.  The camera is charged with a fresh memory card.  My music is all loaded into my "pseudo-pod".  I have two copies of my "call list" and I have all the registration papers and birth-plan filled out and labeled. I have reading materials... I even hid some candy in my bag.

Ok kiddo.  I'm ready!  Hurry the heck up! We all want to meet you!!!!

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  1. Best of luck, Kelly! I can't wait to hear all about her arrival. Travis is 4 days old today and hopefully some day the two of them can meet!

    A couple of pointers: if your water breaks at home, eat something before you go to the hospital. If they have to put you on pitocin, you can't eat and it can take hours. Not to get too graphic, but post partum, make sure you USE A SQUEEZE BOTTLE with warm water every time you pee - it really helps! ;). Have a pretty big stash of overnight pads ready at home.

    I'm wishing you a very easy labor and delivery and healthy baby! - Sandy